Products For Breast Health

*Picture is courtesy of CC 2.0 and Smoobs

Products I Recommend

Because I've received so many questions about products related to breast care, I've developed a small list of products I recommend to jump start your healthy breast and body regime. I am using Amazon Affiliates links for the products that you see here from Amazon and I receive a 10% commission from sales. These products are ones that I have used or am using currently in my own health care practice. 

**Remember too that if you are looking for natural skin care products I recommend MISSOURI HERBS a woman-owned small business. Jamie would love to help you out!**

If you read something in my book and want a recommendation about a product, write me and if I can, I'll post it here for you.

Acupressure Mat & Pillow - Page 125 of book

Ayurveda - Page 142 of book

Bras That Benefit The Breasts

Dry Brushing Kit - Page 149 of book

Earthing Mat - Page 152 of book

Miracle Fruit Berry For Taste Buds-Makes Food Tasty Again

Herbs - Page 161 of book