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)This book is a how-to for breast cancer prevention. It is no-nonsense, easy-to-read, jam-packed with useful information, wise, funny as hell, and designed with keeping your breasts on your chest in mind, you will fall in love with Fighting for Our Tits! Containing some of the latest research on breast health, as well as suggestions on diet, exercise, emotions and little-known alternative healing approaches, it showcases Scarborough’s 40 years of study, knowledge and personal experience in working with women's health, healing, and living an empowered life. The information contained within these pages leads the reader on a journey that opens the mind and the heart as she explores breast health and breast cancer in a new and refreshing way. Your boobs will absolutely quiver in delight! (Be aware that this book contains spicy language! It was written in my authentic voice. My authentic voice is spicy!)

• Rediscover and tap into your own inherent healing power 

• Learn how and why current medical processes and technologies might be endangering your health and discover alternatives that are safe and effective

• See how emotions impact the onset and progression of illness and learn to reset your emotional realities

• Understand how commonly used products adversely impact breast health

• Learn about your energy body and how it impacts the health of the physical body

• Learn the importance of diet, nutrition, and exercise in terms of overall health in general and breast health in particular

• Discover a comprehensive world of different alternative and natural paths to healing and wellness – from Medical astrology to Past Life Regression to Earthing to Herbs and everything in-between!

Fighting For Our Tits has received many excellent reviews on Amazon. I've pasted a few in here for you to read to see the overwhelmingly  positive response to the information and insight provided by the book! To read them all, check out the reviews section on Amazon.

Review # 1


 Elizabeth Augoustiniatos reviewed Fighting for Our Tits: A Woman's Battle Cry  What a great read!  November 8, 2018    Lola Scarborough's book, "Fighting for Our Tits: A  Woman's Battle Cry," is a great read, to say the least.  It is packed  with information that is vital to the health and well-being of all women  (and, in some ways, men too)! I see this book as a "how to" for taking  responsibility for our own health.  We women sometimes forget that we  are entitled to question the conventional "wisdom" of not only modern  medicine, but also the conventional expectations that society places on  us.  It is thought-provoking, witty, and shines a light on so many  aspects of our daily lives that we can change in order to increase our  health benefits without much effort.  The amount of research that has  gone into this book does not go unnoticed and each page reminds us that  it is critical to live our lives in an inquisitive and informed way.
The  glimpses into the author's personal life exude not only honesty and  grit, but also show us that she is a real gal, who has had real  experiences which have inspired her to overcome challenges and re-shape  her life.  They show us that, regardless of our circumstances, we need  to make every effort to regain control over our lives and our health,  and this book provides the blueprint.  I highly recommend it!!!

Review #2


 Mary reviewed Fighting for Our Tits: A Woman's Battle Cry  Amazing culmination of knowledge wisdom and HOPE!!!  November 7, 2018  I have known Lola for over 20 years and I and many  many others are delighted she has taken the time and hard work to  accumulate her vast knowledge and wisdom in a book so that we can share  this with the people we love across the globe.

Lola is an amazing  researcher, yoga master, ayervedic practioner and healer.  What always  impresses me is her confidence that we can and will heal.  This come  from her comprehensive research, testing the knowledge in her own life  experience and culminating years of practice to stand with you and be as  we reclaim our health.

Everyone must read this book.  There is  something for everyone as we all support women in loving our bodies into  wellness and vitality.

Thank you and bless you Lola.

Review #3


Erin reviewed Fighting for Our Tits: A Woman's Battle Cry  Love this book!!!   November 7, 2018     I’m so happy I bought this book by Lola Scarborough.   I have learned so much about breast health and ways to care for my  body using natural, holistic practices.  Lola does a fantastic job  explaining in an easy to understand and engaging way.  I love how she  opens up and shares her personal experiences with the reader.  I will  definitely be making sure all the women in my life get copies of this  book!!                   

Review #4



Jamie Jackson reviewed Fighting For Our Tits 1, 2 punch! November 3, 2018    I love this easy to read book.  Lola has taken years  of experience and condensed it down to a one stop shopping spree of  breast health knowledge.  Her personal insights are going to help women  of all ages be more mindful of their breast health.  No nonsense advice  sprinkled with hilarity and heart-felt experience.  Thanks Lola!                   

Review #5



Moriah JOY Oddo reviewed Fighting for Our Tits: A Woman's Battle Cry 

This book could just very well SAVE YOUR LIFE!   October 19, 2018               

                    This book is changing my life!! The health &  lifestyle tips are amazing. I have learned so much about things that  never occurred to me before such as the negative effects of fluoride,  antiperspirants, and drinking cold liquids.  Lola Scarborough delivers  female empowerment in such a fun, spicy & witty way.  The read is  light hearted and enjoyable.  It is filled with interesting stories,  data & personal accounts.  All the while, it is packed with info  that if followed, can change your life for the better.  I am definitely  recommending this book to everyone I know!

Praise For Fighting For Our Tits

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Taking Charge Is The Solution

What a call to action Lola presents us with here! This book gives women the permission as well as the mandate to open our mouths, examine our set perspectives, manage our minds and honor the heart in healing. Lola reminds us that healing is broader and deeper than taking a pill or bowing to a diagnosis. It takes courage to really step into our personal freedom and take control of our health   We are encouraged in the book to stop being spoon-fed the status quo of self-care    No shame y’all  in lifting our tits and giving them a  good shake in all of their glory.  Lynn Boatwright, MA, LPC, LMFT. 25 years as a Family Therapist


This book is a must read for all women interested in personal wellness! Lola’s many years of working with health, nutrition, and fitness is enshrined within the pages of this book! Her advice is exceptional and her book is packed with information that is known to include many of the best lines of defense against breast cancer. She blends the mind/body connection in a practical, helpful way to offer us powerful information and tools to help us take back the power of our own body’s health and healing abilities. Dr. Donna Sanders, D. C., Bay Colony Chiropractic