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About "Fighting For Our Tits"

My book, Fighting For Our Tits, has been writing itself for the last 30 years. As I've watched the whole breast cancer epidemic spiral out of control, I've become more and more determined to find a way to help all women stay healthy and keep our breasts on our chest through natural breast cancer prevention methods. Fighting for Our Tits is funny, wise, and alive with little-known information related to keeping our breasts healthy, happy and whole. It is full of alternative breast health solutions that provide unique care for the breasts -- like shaking them -- that have been proven by science and research to send cancer running. You won't find anything like this book out there anywhere else - it is a compliation of 30 years of holistic breast care research by a woman with an open and investigative mind, a strong education in health and yoga, and a fierce determination to end breast cancer. Together, we shall overcome!

My Writing Background

 I've been a writer all of my life. I did it as a professional career for about 30 years as a technical writer and marketing specialist, and have written poetry and short stories since I was a child. I've also authored many articles related to health and wellness in local magazines. I've had a few of my poems published over the many years.

My Writing Roots

I am a hopeless bookworm and research rat. By the time I was ten, I had read every book in the library about the Kings and Queens of the world, along with everything else in the library as well.  I am and have been an avid non-fiction reader all of my life. My current focus (of the last 40 years) has been yoga, health, and wellness. Writing was, for me, the natural outgrowth of reading and wanting to share knowledge.


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