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Holistic Breast Care and Well-Researched PREVENTION Techniques:

A Book Written just for You & Your Breasts

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About The Book & My Writing Background

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About "Fighting For Our Tits"


In Old English a TIT was a teat or nipple—it is from the same root as teat (Middle English). It is not a dirty or demeaning word unless you make it one. Tit is a sacred word … it is the tit (teat) (nipple) that flows the milk from mother to child. It is beautiful. 

My book, Fighting For Our Tits, has been writing itself for the last 30 years. It is a self-help book that empowers women to take their health and their breasts back into their own hands. As I've watched the whole breast cancer epidemic seemingly spiral out of control, I've become more and more determined to find a way to help all women stay healthy and keep our breasts on our chest through natural breast cancer prevention methods. Fighting for Our Tits is funny, wise, and full of little-known information related to keeping our breasts healthy, happy and whole. It is full of alternative breast health solutions that provide unique care for the breasts -- like shaking them -- that have been proven by science and research to send cancer running. You won't find anything like this book out there anywhere else - it is a compliation of 30 years of holistic breast care research by a woman with an open and investigative mind, a strong education in health and yoga, and a fierce determination to end breast cancer. 

The language in the book is occasionally spicy, just like my everyday speaking language is spicy. It's not meant to offend; I am simply using my authentic voice to communicate my message.

In Sisterhood. Together, we shall overcome!

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I've appeared as a guest on many different podcasts and have been interviewed by some excellent hosts. I've included a few of them in the links below.

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Praise For "Fighting For Our Tits"


TAKING CHARGE IS THE SOLUTION!  What a call to action Lola presents us with here! This book gives women the permission as well as the mandate to open our mouths, examine our set perspectives, manage our minds and honor the heart in healing. Lola reminds us that healing is broader and deeper than taking a pill or bowing to a diagnosis. It takes courage to really step into our personal freedom and take control of our health   We are encouraged in the book to stop being spoon-fed the status quo of self-care    No shame y’all  in lifting our tits and giving them a  good shake in all of their glory.  Lynn Boatwright, MA, LPC, LMFT. 25 years as a Family Therapist


This book is a must read for all women interested in personal wellness! Lola’s many years of working with health, nutrition, and fitness is enshrined within the pages of this book! Her advice is exceptional and her book is packed with information that is known to include many of the best lines of defense against breast cancer. She blends the mind/body connection in a practical, helpful way to offer us powerful information and tools to help us take back the power of our own body’s health and healing abilities. Dr. Donna Sanders, D. C., Bay Colony Chiropractic


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